Therapy and Wellness Center

Eden Village's onsite Therapy and Wellness Center offers numerous comprehensive therapy and individualized fitness programs. A dedicated team of licensed therapists are trained to address physical, occupational and speech therapy needs and to get you on your way to a healthier, more active and independent lifestyle.

The Center serves both residents and nonresidents needing short and long-term rehabilitation. Our therapy techniques utilized the most advanced procedures and state-of-the-art technologies to accelerate healing and ultimately improve your quality of life. We offer support services including skin care therapies, stroke rehabilitation, contracture management, muscle reevaluation, muscle re-strengthening and orthopedic intervention.

After an initial evaluation by a physical therapist, an individualized program of cardiovascular exercise and strength conditioning is recommended.

Licensed therapists go out of their way to create a supportive environment for those experiencing illness or injury and associated stress. Our goal -- to decrease your pain, get you healthy and on your way home!

For more information about the Therapy and Wellness Center, please fill out the short form below, or call (618)288-5014.