Memory Care

Dementia Care at Eden VillageEden Village is completely dedicated to specialized care for elders with Alzheimer's disease or other related dementias. Each year, the disease affects millions of Americans nationwide in their ability to learn and carry out daily activities.

Our specially trained and attentive staff members provide the loving attention, protection and stimulation needed on an individualized basis. Nurses and support staff are specifically trained to identify safety and behavior related issues associated with daily living.

Since this is typically a new experience for family members, and often misunderstood, we also offer ongoing education and support services to families to help in understanding, accepting and dealing with the stress of the dementia disease process.

The Memory Care Wing is full of experience and compassion that has helped - and will continue to help elders as only Eden Village can.

For more information about Memory Care, please fill out the short form below, or call (618)288-5014.