Programs & Activities

Eden Village offers all residents an array of social programs and activities designed for a variety of interests and participation. Regularly scheduled events such as crafts, holiday parties, game nights, movies, and social hours are a daily occurrence. These programs just touch the surface on the myriad of activities that take place at Eden Village.

Off-campus activities are very popular too. Day trips are scheduled based on our residents' interests. Whether it is shopping or restaurants or a theater performance -- our residents stay as busy as they want to be and we work very hard to accommodate just about every interest or hobby.

Transportation is no problem because Eden Village maintains an accessible van and a bus that are readily available to transport residents -- not only to special activities -- but to physician appointments and other locally scheduled appointments as needed.

Eden Village schedules many Resident programs and activities throughout the year.
If you have questions regarding any events, please don't hesitate to call 618-288-5014.

Senior and Assisted Living Calendar of Events

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Care Center Calendar of Events

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